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What do you think of when you think about mud? Farms or farmyard animals? Pigs rolling around in the sloppy stuff with a happy look on their face? Playing as kids making mud cakes? Rain and puddles on the floor in winter – World War One, maybe? Whatever the case, mud is always the element of action in these scenarios. It is ubiquitous being a significant agent of change at the same time as being stationary for the most part. It can be a very useful tool, it has been for centuries at the same time as being very annoying depending on whether it is firm or slippy – those are the two states really – and that is what we are concerned about with mudjacking.

Centuries of Mud

The thing is – people have been using mud for centuries. They are geared towards mud as an essential ingredient of building and living in many countries today as well. Apart from making a good brick when the conditions are right, they can work well as insulation as well as padding for a structure or a home.However, in the modern day in the west it is quite a different story. People assume that mud is never used as a construction tool anymore. They would be correct until they come across “mudjacking” – here, we want to tell you how it works and why you should be interested.

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is the practice of making mud areas straight, balanced and secure. The reason why you need to consider this is because often, the concrete slabs we rely on for the stability of our homes and our foundations – are build on a mud base. This is completely normal – the earth has a large mud component after all. However, all that we are doing is making sure that the mud is level and that it will not be prone to slipping, sliding or to creating and uneven surface for the slabs above at any point soon.

Our Process

The way it works is as follows – we take a hose, a funnel or some kind of tube formation and we drill a hole through the ground into the area of mud that is prone to issues. Then, we pump the concrete through the hole into the mud area until the levels have been raised and evened out and the whole structure is held fast under a perfect strip of slabs. This is really about making sure that you have stability in your concrete, foundational or otherwise, and that there is no possibility of unevenness and therefore, weakness in the structure.

Give Us A Call!

So, if you have any kind of slab surface that looks a bit uneven or feels like it underfoot, mudjacking may be the service for you. We have made sure that our service is available and ready to go so give us a call today! Whether it is by phone, by email or in person – we would love to hear from you and here at Carrollton Foundation Repair, we are ready to offer great advice.


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