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Carrollton Foundation Repair

One of the fundamental beliefs that drives this business forward is a commitment to transparency and great customer relations. This means that we want to make sure that you are always kept fully in the loop about the work that we are doing and the ways that it will benefit your home or building. Therefore, when it comes to inspections, to diagnoses, to plans and to pricing, we are committed to giving you full disclosure at every juncture. We are confident that you like the sound of that because many of our clients do! Keep on reading to discover the details.

No Frustration

The reason why we have this ethos and why we have set up our business in this way is because we have been frustrated in our personal lives with contractors who we have hired who have not always given us the best service they could have done. There is nothing worse as a customer than being kept in the dark about a job that you are paying for and a job that you are hoping will be sorted sooner rather than later. Some contractors, without naming any names, feel that it is acceptable to do this. We do not!

Free Inspections

When you hire us to do a job on your foundations, you will get free estimates from us about the cost of the job. However, we do not like giving out estimates if they are ill informed. Therefore, when we speak to you about the possibility of a job, we will offer and inspection so that we can come and take a look at the site of the task ourselves and then we can come back to you with a much more considered and informed estimate of the time scale and of the price. We find that our customers appreciate this because we are able to be much more specific and accurate.

Pricing and Time Frame

By estimates, we are not just referring to a free quote, which many contractors will offer – we will give you a quote alongside an example or an idea of how long the work might take as well. This means that you are looking at a package really, or a report and you are able to make a much more informed decision based off of the back of that. We will consider the job at hand, the resources we have and jobs from the past and we will approach you with a proper blueprint of what you can expect. What could be better than that!

What Are You Waiting For?

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and you won’t be disappointed with the service that you recieve. We have a testimonials section on this website which proves the kind of standards that we set and we can’t wait to add you to the growing list of customers that have been left with a smile on their face by the end of the task. Get in touch!


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