​Concrete/ Steel Pilings ​

Carrollton Foundation Repair

Concrete and steel are clearly not for the faint hearted out there. By this we mean that not every contractor can come along and work with concrete and steel. You need the expertise which comes through experience. You need a can-do attitude that comes through successes. You need the tools required to get the job done… luckily, we have all three of these characteristics and we would love to come and perform a great concrete and steel pilings job for you. It will be our pleasure to be able to service more wonderful people in the community and to help make their home or building more secure.

Our Team

One of the reasons why our team is special compared to a lot of contracting teams out there is because our teams has what it takes, not just to do a good job, but to make sure that we are doing a job that works for you, as well. That means that we will take the time to explain parts of the process to you, we will make sure that you are kept in the loop about on going work, we will ensure that we are only performing work when it suits your time frame so that we don’t impose ourselves too much on your lifestyle and much much more. Put simply, you won’t get this from many other organisations and therefore, you should look to us for your concrete and steel piling needs.

What Are Pilings?

We use a technique called piling in the event of foundation building for a structure or for a construction site feature to make sure that the ‘roots’ of a building, as it were, are never ever in danger of becoming weak. Pilings work by going straight into the ground, they are nailed in deep and they stay there because all of the earth around them and the weight on top means that they become pretty much indestructible to outside forces. They are great for this reason and they make a great option for improving the strength of foundations in construction.

Steel and Concrete

These are two materials that do not take any prisoners. What they do take, however, is a heck of a lot of weight. They do take that weight because they are built for it and that is why they make such great materials for foundations. We work with steel and concrete to make sure that they are strong and sturdy at all times, that they are aligned properly with the materials that depend on them and that they will remain so for many years to come. This can be a daunting task for some but not for us – we are ready to help you out at any time!


If you have concrete or steel pilings and you need some services performed on them, you know who to call. If you have them and you just want to make sure that everything is in good working order then we are the ones for the job as well. Give us a call today and Carrollton Foundation Repair will take care of you.


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